When I started with Dr. Del Rosso, I could barely walk from the pain in my knees. After a series of laser treatments, I am able to walk almost pain-free. The laser treatments coupled with alignment and message has changed my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Del Rosso!
– J. Leight

The nutrition program that Dr. Del Rosso gave me was easy to understand and used mostly foods I ate already or are easy to get. The meal replacements are tasty and travel well. The program seemed to match my needs as well, since I saw results quickly.
– P. Rathbun

Trigger point therapy has provided me with great relief from muscle tightness and has allowed me to pursue increased training for cycling and endurance events.
– K. Young-Fisher

Dr. Lorraine Del Rosso has very effectively utilized the Erchonia PL500 low level laser treatment device to reduce my right foot pain, caused by plantar fascitis. My level of pain has been substantially reduced from a level of 10 to only 3, as a result of Dr. Del  Rosso’s efforts and application of this very effective device.
-D. Peters

The first day I walked into Dr. Del Rosso’s office, I was in serious pain. My shoulder was damaged badly. With my active lifestyle now on delay, I decided to begin laser treatment. After 12 sessions, I feel the strength in my shoulder returning. I would definitely recommend this treatment. Thank you Dr. Del Rosso!
– A. Calarco

I have been in chronic back pain for over 17 years with never any real relief even though I would go weekly to the chiropractor…I proceeded to see Dr. Del Rosso for two times a week and after the fifth visit of using the laser, my chronic nagging ache in my back is markedly reduced. I have gained more energy and strength in my body which I have not had in years…I can stand longer and sit longer than I have ever been able to in years without all that excruciating pain…I am hoping to cut down my pain medication which I have never been able to do…I cannot express enough about how much this laser therapy has literally changed my daily outlook on life. I cannot thank Dr. Del Rosso enough for doing this type of treatment.
– G. Taras